Kerala Art Lovers Association (KALA) is a non-partisan and non-political Singapore registered organization engaged in promoting the wellbeing of the Malayalee Community living, working and studying here in Singapore.

Our main objective is to enhance their cultural relations with both Kerala and Singapore. The soul of this organization is its dedicated members and leaders who work single heartedly towards one goal of cherishing and preserving the deep culture of the Malayalee community. We provide our unconditional help and support to all those who are in need of a platform to showcase their talents and capabilities in the field of art and culture. Even though it’s a small community now, we are confident that we will contribute our part towards the dream of safeguarding our culture. Every big walk start with a first small step.

It is our combined vision of building and integrated society that can provide the base for a future that is culturally rich and prospective. As part of our future mission we will be working towards the goal of establishing a system under a roof to provide training in the field of sports so that one day we will have at least one representative from our community contributing to the country of Singapore.

We as an immediate goal, are expecting to start a yoga coaching class for all the members, as well as public, so as to ensure a physically and spiritually enhanced mode of living.

Even though it is a dream of a few, we are working towards the goal of improving our community’s relationship with the masses so that one day it becomes the dream of all.

Nothing is possible without the Grace of the Almighty and the unconditional support from all of you.

We pray for your support and help so that we can work as a team in making each one of our lives worth something and in helping a few attain their dreams.

Our Address

Block 446, Hougang Ave-8, #B1-1635, Singapore – 530446.